First Time Home Buyer Couple

Her knowledge of what it takes to get a home in the market is unmatched

I have to say that going into this home buying process that we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t even know what we wanted out of a house, but we knew we needed one with our growing family. Alisha made this process seamless for us. She asked some specifics of what we would desire in a home, as well as price point. She then set us up with a portal that we could look at homes and bookmark houses that we were interested in. She also found us a few homes to check out. We would have a map of a route we would take on the days we wanted to go out and see homes. Throughout the process of seeking homes she was so fun to be around. She never had an attitude, she was always bright and bouncy. She knew what the market was doing and what it would take as far as bidding goes, and made aure to ask us what we felt comfortable with. Needless to say this whole process was very enjoyable and we would recommend her to anyone. Her knowledge of what it takes to get a home in the market is unmatched. She is also a lawyer so you have no choice but to be comfortable in the fact that all the contracts will be in your best interest and no one will be getting over on you. We thank God for blessing us with such a person as Alisha “The Lawyertor” Melvin!! Thank you so much for all that you did for us!! You are a true professional and a true blessing!!

~Keith & Natasha Norman, Buyers
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